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National Championship 2017

National Championship 2017 live, stream, Final, College, Football,Alabama vs Clemson live, stream, streaming, National Championship 2017 For the first time in the modern era, there will be a rematch for the National Championship 2017 title when the Crimson Tide meets the Tigers for the second straight January. Two best teams, Alabama vs. Clemson

National Championship 2017 Live

Alabama vs Clemson, Take 2. Alabama squeezes the energy out of its opposition through repetition: run, pass, tackle, sack, interception, touchdown. Cue the confetti.By the end of four quarters, this python-like formula yields a victory. Alabama has won 26 games in a row, the latest a suffocating 24-7 win against Washington in the Peach Bowl.It wasn’t that the Crimson Tide played well, relatively speaking. At times, in fact, the Tide were stymied by Washington’s defense, though the Huskies failed to achieve anything of consequence on offense following a first-quarter touchdown.But the formula was on display. With devastating effectiveness, Alabama took a sledgehammer to Washington’s offensive and defensive game plans, turning a top-four team – the best squad his team had faced all season, Nick Saban said this week – into the latest to try and fail to upend the Tide’s quest for another national championship.

Hours later, here at University of Phoenix Stadium, Clemson effectively smothered Ohio State, rolling past the Buckeyes in a 31-0 victory that highlighted the Tigers’ intimidating combination of a wide-open offense and a stifling and physical defense.

The offense was effective despite two more interceptions from junior quarterback Deshaun Watson. The defense put the clamps down on Ohio State from the start, dominating the battle along the line of scrimmage and bottling up the Buckeyes’ already inconsistent downfield passing game.

National Championship 2017

What is most impressive about the 31-point win is that Clemson, like Alabama, should not be satisfied with its overall performance. Though the defense was outstanding, there were still moments of offensive inconsistency.

For their efforts, the Tigers get the big, bad Crimson Tide. The matchup – Jan. 9 in Tampa – will be what we expected from the College Football Playoff: No. 1 vs. No. 2, the two best in the country meeting to decide the national championship.

So how do you beat Alabama? There’s the obvious prerequisite amount of athleticism, something the Tigers have in spades. It’ll take experience on this sort of stage, another asset in Clemson’s corner. It might also take a degree of perfection.

But the biggest key to beating Alabama, as seen in the program’s precious few losses during the Saban-led dynasty, is to zig when the Tide zag – to not be traditional, as was Washington, and play to the Tide’s strengths, but to be unpredictable.

This is where Clemson shines, particularly on offense. That was on clear display in last season’s championship game, where the Tigers gained 550 yards on offense, 405 through the air, in a 45-40 loss.

The two will meet Jan. 9 in Tampa after both scored comfortable semifinal wins Saturday. No. 1 Alabama whipped Washington 24-7 in the Peach Bowl before Clemson crushed Ohio State, 31-0 in the Fiesta Bowl.

Alabama won the fourth title of the Nick Saban era with a 45-40 classic with Clemson in Glendale, Arizona. Trailing after three quarters, the Tide closed with a 24-16 fourth. An onside kick sparked the final surge with the score tied at 24.